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Why Is Grooming Important to My Pet?

Russian gray catWe all know that grooming is an essential responsibility that comes with pet ownership. Whether Fifi and Fido are indoor pets, outdoor guards, or can’t make up their minds, grooming is a basic necessity. Regular grooming is beneficial to both you and your pooch for health reasons and improved quality of life. At Pet Heroes, we know that as a devoted pet parent, you are looking for the best grooming services to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety. Our entire business is staffed and managed by animal lovers who will take care of your pet as if they were our very own. Our grooming services include:

  • Bath (shampoo and conditioner)
  • Haircuts
  • Paw-decures (nail trimming)
  • Teeth cleaning (for that extra doggy breath)
  • Gland Cleaning
  • Bows or bandana to complete the look

The Joys of Doggy Daycare

well groomed rottweiler Your dog’s health isn’t just about regular vaccinations, proper food, and water. Your dog is a social creature that requires interaction with more than just your family. By socializing your dog from an early age, they learn what behavior to expect towards you, other dogs, other people, and children. Pet Heroes doggy daycare services are a great way to provide the necessary socialization your dog needs in order to enrich their behavior, as well as the opportunity to make their own canine friends.

There are many reasons that you may not want to leave your pup at home alone. For this reason, we offer a fun and exciting alternative. Our doggy daycare is a great way to make sure your furry pal is safe and happy while you are at work, running errands, or anywhere else. The difference in your dog’s behavior may surprise you! Your dog may have reduced anxiety and a more relaxed attitude due to regular energy release.

Pet Boarding for Any Breed

sitting grey and black striped catAs much as you may love your furry family member, there are times when you just can’t include them. Vacations, work related travel, family emergencies, or even family visits can be occasions where you and your pet can benefit from pet boarding services. At Pet Heroes, we are animal lovers and enthusiasts who know how anxious leaving your pet with strangers can be. Our staff offers their complete dedication to your pet’s comfort and safety when you leave them in our care.

Our recently-renovated kennels are fitted with the right sizes to ensure the comfort of every breed, from bouncy Yorkies to gentle giant Mastiffs. We take boarding your pet seriously because we know they are part of the family. There is always an overnight staff member to monitor your pet and to make sure they are given the same amount of love and attention they get at home- maybe even just a little bit more!

sitting dalmationA Unique El Paso Dog Groomer

Being a pet owner is one of the most fulfilling things in life. It can also be one of the most time consuming as well. So, our goal at Pet Heroes is to ensure that your furry friend gets the grooming services they need in order for you and your pet to stay happy and healthy. We are also the only pet groomers in El Paso to offer a pet pickup and delivery service for our grooming clients.

Pet parents in the El Paso area are free from any additional stress of having to transport their pet themselves. We take it upon ourselves to pickup your dog or cat and drop them off after their “spaw” day.  You can trust that at Pet Heroes. We offer our devotion to providing the best and most convenient grooming and pet boarding services in the area. For more information on our services and rates, please contact us today!

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