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Pet Boarding

Pet BoardingPet Boarding in El Paso

Pet Heroes Dog Grooming in El Paso offers pet boarding services. Our services are a great option if you need your pet to be taken care of while you’re out of town. We understand how important it is for pet owners to know their pets are happy and well cared for. With our services, you can go on your vacation and not worry about how your pet is doing back at home.

Why Pet Boarding in El Paso is Important

El Paso Pet Boarding
Pet boarding is a lot like doggy day care except it lasts longer. It is an excellent option for pet parents who are going out on town and have no one to take care of their pets while they are away. Instead of trusting a neighbor or an unqualified person with your pet’s well-being, you could choose Pet Heroes Dog Grooming to take care of your pet for you! Our services are available for cats and dogs alike. Here are a few important reasons why you should choose us for pet boarding.

Peace of Mind While You’re Away


A pet is basically a family member. When you’re forced to leave your pet behind as you go on a trip out of town, both you and your pet can go through a lot of strife and heartbreak. Our pet boarding services will give you the peace of mind you require. This way, you can go on your trip and not worry about your pet’s well-being while you’re away.

A Safe Place for Your Pet

Boarding Pets
Have you ever asked a friend or neighbor to take care of your pet while you’re out of town? This is by far the most common option for pet owners but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. For one, whoever you ask to take care of your pet is more than likely not a pet expert. The staff at Pet Heroes Dog Grooming has vast experience and knowledge when it comes to pet care. We will feed your pet regularly. And don’t forget about the fun! All pets need to exercise and socialization on a regular basis to be happy. We, of course, offer this and much more. Our pet boarding services offer your pet all he could want and need! See it as a mini-vacation for your pet. Your pet will be well-cared for and properly fed throughout the stay. You can even call us to check up on your pet pal! Our staff will answer any concerns you may have.

We’re Here Because You Pet Deserves the Best

Pet Boarding Services
As much as you’d love to take your pet with you everywhere you go, you’re well aware that that’s impossible. But that doesn’t mean your pet can’t have a good time while you’re away! Pet boarding services are basically like a hotel for pets. They will be well taken care of and have lots of fun. We understand how important it is for your pet to be happy and safe. Whether you’re leaving for a couple days or longer, we’ll be able to help. Contact Pet Heroes Dog Grooming today to learn more about our pet boarding services as well as our rates and options.

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