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labrador getting its nails trimmedKeep Your Pet Comfortable with Professional Pet Pedicures

Pet ownership is an eye opening experience. Whether or not you have owned a pet before, every furry companion has their own unique set of quirks and personality traits. Yet, when you own a cat or a dog, you quickly learn the invaluable lesson of keeping their nails trimmed. Pet Heroes provides professional paw-decures for your canine or feline companion. Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and neat has benefits for both pet and owner alike.

poodle getting its nails clippedHow do Paw-dicures Keep My Pet Healthy?

Dogs and cats have nails that grow just like ours do. However, there are some obvious differences (human vs dog/cat) and some not so obvious ones. Our pet’s nails grow in a natural curve. So, if they get past a certain length, they can cause your pet immense discomfort and pain. The reason is because as their nails grow, they curve inward and toward their sensitive toe pads. If you do not maintain their nails neat and trim, they can pierce the toe pad, which can put your furry friend at risk for infections. Also, think about this: dogs and cats walk on their toes. Long nails mean they have to adjust their natural gait, which causes skeletal and muscle problems. With our professional nail trimming services, you are literally preventing your dog or cat from walking on nails.

cat getting its nails trimmed by a vetProfessional Nail Trimming for Any Breed

At Pet Heroes, we know that keeping your furry companion’s nails trimmed is an essential part of keeping them healthy. Our caring and well trained staff provide calm nail trimming services for all dog and cat breeds. We know that some pets do not like having their paws handled (looking at you, Chihuahuas and kitty friends), which is why our staff is well trained to handle even the worse scaredy cat. Contact us to find out more about our services or to schedule your pet’s paw-decure today!

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