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poodle after getting a hair cutIs it Time for Pet Grooming for Your Furry Friend?

All dogs and cats are not created equal. Some have goofy faces and short hair that sheds all over the house, some are all licks and fluffy fur. Others seem imbued with the grace and elegance of their breed. In other words, just like humans, there are those who look flawless with minimal effort and those who don’t. At Pet Heroes, we understand that every adorable furry companion is unique, no matter the breed or the age. In light of this, we want every pet to look and feel comfortable in their own fur. Every pet parent loves to take pride in their furry friend, helping them look sharp and stay healthy with the right grooming services. Find them at Pet Heroes!

long-haired dog who needs a hair cutInvesting in Your Pet’s Health and Comfort

You are probably asking, “Why not do it myself?”. In short, why spend money on Fido’s haircut? Professional pet grooming services are beneficial for many reasons. Our expert and loving staff are professionally trained to provide your furry friend with the best grooming practices in the industry. As a result, our method of grooming and styling your pet can often spot things that you may have missed. Even the most devoted pet parent can miss a tick or a dry patch of skin that heavy or thick coats can easily hide. We go above and beyond to make sure your canine or feline friend gets the stylish or functional haircut you want.

groomed catCats Need Grooming Too?

Dogs and cats usually require very different things in terms of maintenance and grooming. Most pet owners tend to assume that cats are low maintenance and therefore don’t need professional pet grooming. Pet Heroes understands that cats are very independent and take their grooming seriously. However, if your cat lives with a dog or you don’t have the time for daily brushing, professional cat grooming and hair trims can reduce potential health complications (and those yucky hairballs!). Pet Heroes offers cat grooming services on Wednesdays and Thursdays until 12 P.M. or by appointment.

Loving your pet is more than cuddles and food. It is providing them with balanced love, discipline, and socialization to keep both of you safe and happy. If you are in the El Paso area, show your furry friend some love by scheduling their next pet grooming appointment at Pet Heroes!

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