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a small dog in a water basin with a rottweiler holding a water can in it's mouthStaying Clean and Healthy Giving Your Pet a Regular Bath

Every pet owner faces the same question when it comes to their furry friend: how often should I bathe my pet? At Pet Heroes, we know that the answer can vary, especially between dogs and cats. Typically, bathing dogs once a month keeps their coats and skin in optimal condition. It is crucial to remove dirt, dander, and other things that can become entangled in dog or cat coats. Even a Chihuahua’s short coat can become encrusted with yucky things that can potentially harm our furry friends. If you have a long haired cat, we recommend monthly baths- but don’t expect them to like it.

a dirty bulldog that needs a bath licking it's noseProfessional Dog Baths- Avoid the Wet Dog Chase

There’s a common rumor going around that dogs hate baths. If our dogs could talk, they would tell you this is categorically untrue. Have you ever wondered why, after a bath, your dog’s first instinct is to run around like crazy and rub themselves all over your carpet, your bed, and anything else they can? It’s because they want to experience the great feeling of being free of dirt and knots that a bath gets rid of! Professional dog baths also mean that you will avoid the wet dog chase. We guarantee they won’t end up happily rubbing themselves in dirt- at least not on our watch!

a cat wrapped in a towel after a bathProfessional Cat Baths- Hold the Licking

Cats are typically low maintenance pets. Solitary, stoic, and pretty independent, they usually endeavor to take care of their own grooming needs. A cat spends up to 5 hours grooming themselves (and 16 hours sleeping, but who’s judging?). However, just like their canine counterparts, cats benefit greatly from professional bathing services. Due to their aloof nature, it is easy for us as pet parents to miss a tick or cut that could lead to health issues. If you own a long-haired cat, professional cat baths remove any uncomfortable mats of hair or other things that are easily hidden by adorable fluffiness.

Keep your pet happy with the professional pet baths found with Pet Heroes. Contact us today to schedule your furry friend’s next spa day!

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