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About Us

a bulldog sittingPassionately Dedicated to Pet Care and Grooming in El Paso

At Pet Heroes, our passion is in providing your beloved family pet the best care possible. In 2009, we opened our first location and dedicated ourselves to providing trusted, professional pet grooming services in El Paso. Due to our passion and devotion to the highest standards of pet hygiene and grooming, we were able to open two more locations, enabling us to offer our top notch services to the East, West, and Northeast areas of El Paso. Our services now include:

The Purrfect Experience for Your Pet

kitten being playful on the groundWhen it comes to pet grooming, the initial experience your dog or cat has can mean the difference between a pet that loves being groomed and one that just won’t have it. The best way for your furry baby to get the most out of their “spa” day is to ensure that they have no reason to expect anything other than loving attention and knowledgeable grooming practices. Pet Heroes ensures that all of our staff has the necessary information and training necessary. They will make your pet’s experience an enjoyable one so they look forward to regular grooming in the future!

An El Paso Pet Groomer Providing Pick Up and Drop Off

Yorkshire terrier with a red bow in it's hairPet Heroes is always looking for ways to make the pet grooming experience as easy as possible for your and your furry family members. We offer exclusive pick up and drop off services so that your pet can stay clean and stylish without having to worry about transportation. Unless Fido has a driver’s license, it can be tough to schedule grooming appointments around busy life schedules. We make the grooming process efficient and convenient for the busy modern pet parent! Your pet’s care is our business. To schedule your pet’s appointment, contact us today!

* Cats are boarded in a dog-friendly environment, so being dog acclimated helps reduce stress.

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