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Pamper Your Pets

Pet Heroes Locations
Pet Heroes Locations


5360 N. Mesa St.
El Paso, TX 79912


6304 Edgemere Blvd.
El Paso, TX 79925

Northeast - NEW

11400 Sean Haggerty
Building A, Suite 102
El Paso, TX 79934


The Most Luxurious Pet Grooming Service in El Paso

Give your pet a stylish new look or keep them comfortable in the warm El Paso weather! You’ll find just what you need with the variety of grooming services we offer here at Pet Heroes. From baths to pawdicures, your furry friend will never want to go to another pet spa again. Our staff is professionally trained and educated on how to properly and safely manage, groom, and pamper any breed. You can trust our knowledgeable dog and cat fashionistas- they’ll keep Fido and Snowball looking their best!

Let Us Love Your Pet!

We love to hang out with your pets while we pamper them and get them looking and feeling their best. Let us take the work out of having a pet! We are happy to provide any pet grooming services you need, and we aren’t finished until you’re happy!

We pride ourselves in being able to take care of your furry friend the way we would our own- like family. To schedule your pet’s next appointment, or find out more about our services, contact us today!

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Let Us Pamper Your Pet in Style

We Groom
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We treat your furry friend like royalty!

At Pet Heroes, we are owned, managed, and staffed by animal lovers, which is why it is so easy to love and care for each pet like it’s our own. Pet Heroes has provided El Paso with quality pet grooming, boarding, and doggy day care services for over 12 years. During that time, we have always treated your pets with the respect, love, and security they deserve. When the time comes for them to get clean and pretty, they can do so with the help of a staff that pampers and spoils them while they do it.

Some of our pet spa services include:

  • Baths - We love bubble baths, and so do our pets! Dogs and cats alike are big fans of our baths. Thorough baths on a regular basis help to keep pets’ skin and hair neat and healthy. When you bring your pets to Pet Heroes, we make sure your pets are dry and ready to go before they run free. No more worrying about a clean wet dog rolling around in the dirt or getting your furniture all wet.
  • Dental Care - Good dental hygiene is vital for your pet’s health, and we take that seriously here. We exercise extra care when cleaning your pet’s mouth to ensure they are happy and comfortable. Good oral hygiene promotes overall health and ensures that your pet’s kisses don’t repel you!
  • Haircuts - Most dogs need to have their hair cut at least once per month in order to maintain a healthy coat. This also allows us to check for any abnormalities and make sure your dog’s coat looks healthy! If your cat looks more like a lion than a house pet, it’s a good idea to bring them in for a trim as well. In the El Paso heat, long hair can be extremely uncomfortable for pets. Haircuts keep your best friend looking and feeling their best!
  • Pawdicures - Your pet’s nails are much more important to their health than you probably think! Dogs’ and cats’ nails often curve and grow in a way that can make them very uncomfortable if they get too long. It’s important to keep your pet’s nails clean and trimmed for their overall health and comfort. We are pros when it comes to keeping your pet happy while we trim their nails!

We offer other services including boarding and doggy daycare. We are happy to provide any pet services you might need in the El Paso area!

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We Treat Your Furry Friend Just Like You Do
Pick-Up & Drop off Available!

Pick-Up & Drop off Available!

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